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QL40-SFM – Spinner Flowmeter



The QL40-SFM Spinner Flowmeter probe measures impeller rotation caused by groundwater flow in the borehole. It uses a magnetically coupled pick-up which drives a low friction, high resolution encoder located inside the lower pressure housing. The encoder produces 256 pulses per shaft rotation. It has quadrature sensing electronics that instantaneously detect flow direction changes.

The QL40-SFM flowmeter tool is stackable within the Quick Link (QL) product line or it can be run as a standalone tool.


Operating Conditions

Borehole Fluid
[X] Water
[_] Mud
[_] Dry

[X] Uncased
[X] PVC Borehole
[X] Steel

[_] Required
[X] Not Necessary

Logging Conditions: Static/dynamic or dynamic while pumping
Borehole Conditions: Fluid-filled, open borehole or perforated screen casing

Features & Benefits

Specifications – Metric/English

Specification Metric Imperial
Diameter 40 mm 1.57 in.
Length 0.9 m 35.4 in.
Weight 3.2 Kg 7 lbs.
Max. Temp. 70ºC 158ºF
Max. Pressure 200 bar 2900 psi

Sensor: Pick-up Sensor
Spinner Range: 0-3000 rpm
Accuracy: better than 1%
Resolution: 256 ppr
Cage Sizes: 102, 76, or 51 mm (2 , 3 or 4 inch) cages available

Spinner Flowmeter probe

New! Flowmeter Workspace in WellCAD Software

WellCAD Software has a new Flowmeter Workspace built in to WellCAD Basic. After initializing the workspace the user can interactively pick identified No Flow zones. The contribution of the flow zones will automatically be computed and displayed as percentage, absolute and cumulated values in text as well as in graphic form.

Additional data such as geophysical logs, lithology columns or well sketches can be added as reference logs to the workspace aiding the interpretation. Templates can be saved and applied when initializing a new workspace to save valuable time.

QL Stack Possibilities


QL40-SFM Spinner Flowmeter Probe Brochure
User Guide

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