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QL40-nGEN – Neutron Generator

Neutron Generator Probe for logging porosity without radioactive source

Neutron emission from grounded target at generator end with detection
in a compensated probe configuration using near & far detectors


Mount Sopris Instrument Company, together with Starfire Industries LLC, are developing a new neutron probe that eliminates the use of radioactive materials for neutron production. This innovative solution will provide a welcome addition for well loggers and geophysicists who are restricted from using Am-Be or Deuterium-Tritium (D-T) sources.

Using a 4 Curie equivalent Deuterium-Deuterium (D-D) fusion neutron generator, the QL40-nGEN will provide radiation on/off capability, increasing safety for operators and avoiding the regulatory burden associated with radioactive sources.

Starfire Industries’ patented nGen™ technology allows for neutron generation from a grounded target located at the end of the accelerator head.  This end-mounted target allows very close coupling with detectors for innovative near/far detector combinations to maximize detector sensitivity and fidelity of measurements in and around the borehole to take advantage of the 2.5 MeV monoenergetic neutron’s increased sensitivity.  The high-pressure housing is sized for small diameter logging and all components are designed to withstand high ambient temperatures.

The QL40-nGEN downhole logging tool will be stackable within the Quick Link (QL) product line or it can be run as a standalone tool. It can be run in any borehole environment using the MATRIX or SCOUT data acquisition consoles.  A preliminary rendering of the integrated neutron probe is shown below.


Rendering of MSI/Starfire neutron probe features


New neutron probe approximate dimensions


Operating Conditions

Borehole Fluid
[X] Water
[X] Mud
[X] Dry

[X] Uncased
[X] PVC Borehole
[X] Steel

[_] Required
[X] Not Necessary

Features & Benefits

Compare this to a Conventional Neutron Probe…

Specifications – Metric/Imperial

QL Stack Possibilities

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The anticipated product release of the QL40-nGEN is late 2020.


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