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Image & Structure Interpretation (ISI) Workspace

ISI Workspace

The Image & Structure Interpretation (ISI) Workspace boosts productivity and improves the objectivity of the picking process. It combines manual and automated structure picking tools, sophisticated data visualization, and a logical workflow into a powerful processing and interpretation platform. The ISI Workspace is a new add-on module coinciding with the release of WellCAD 5.1, which extends the functionality of the original Image module.

The ISI Workspace allows interpretation of ATV, OTV, Electrical Imager (e.g. FMI, CMI, STAR) and 360 degree core scan images. The following are just a few of its exciting features:

Your increased productivity when processing image data with the ISI Workspace will pay for the upgrade within a few months. If you would like more information or a quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us. Free demonstration versions are available upon request.


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