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New Product Coming Soon: Neutron Generator Tool!

Neutron Generator Probe for logging porosity without radioactive source

Neutron emission from grounded target at generator end with detection
in a compensated probe configuration using near & far detectors


Mount Sopris is excited to announce the upcoming release of a new product! We have teamed up with Starfire Industries to develop a neutron probe that eliminates the use of radioactive materials for neutron production.


The new QL40-nGEN is scheduled to be available in early 2018 and is especially useful for those who cannot use Am-Be or D-T sources due to licensing issues.


With the new QL40-nGEN, radiation can be turned off and on, which increases overall safety and reduces the inconveniences that are associated with the use of radioactive sources. In contrast to a conventional neutron probe, it does not require professional license for handling or costly, secure storage and transportation. The handler of this probe must only obtain a simple permit.

The nGen™ technology, patented by Starfire Industries, generates a neutron signal from a grounded target located at the end of the accelerator. Neutron emission at the end of a generator allows for closer near and far placement of detectors. The probe is specially designed for small diameter borehole logging and its components are designed to withstand high temperatures. Please see our newly posted product page for power and system specifications.

This tool is stackable within the Mount Sopris QL family of products and can also be run standalone in any borehole  environment without the need of centralization.


Rendering of MSI/Starfire neutron probe features

With neutron tools, we can get in-situ porosity, petrophysical properties, aquifer quality and delineation and moisture content. When used combined with other tools, one can detect gas zones and identify gas-liquid contacts, making it a useful tool in many industries. Some stack possibilities with our QL line of probes include:


For more information on this tool, please refer to the data sheet below or Contact Us!

Data Sheet QL40-nGEN

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