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New 2500 Meter Winch!

MOUNT SOPRIS is proto-typing a new small-footprint, high capacity geophysical logging winch. The new Model 4IWA-1000 (Intelligent Winch Assembly) geophysical logging winch is a result of our experience, customer feedback and innovation.

The smart motor control allows user to:

  1. Drive the cable very smoothly and very slowly
  2. Drive the cable fast without needing to change gearing.
  3. Drive the cable based on the encoder to make it steady from layer to layer on the drum.
  4. Rig Up and Rig Down Mode. Use the Tension input to sense when someone is pulling on the cable and pay out/reel in cable as the user pulls on the cablehead.
  5. Use a standard Ball screw to drive the levelwind head.
  6. Drive a display with Tension and Depth.
  7. Stop the winch if the tension gets too high (stuck) or too low (stuck or bottom of the hole)
  8. Control the winch from a computer to drive it to a set depth.
  9. Hold the probe steady without setting the brake.
  10. No chains or belts.
  11. Internal brake

4IWA-100 winches are servo driven, and can be logged at speeds less than 1 meter per hour or up to 75 meters/min. The drum core is a Lebus grooved drum for accurate, consistent spooling. The overall small footprint, 34 x 43 x 33 inches allows for mounting in a variety of geophysical logging applications.

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