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MATRIX Data Acquisition System

MATRIX Screenshot

MATRIX LoggerSuite Software


Mount Sopris offers the most versatile data acquisition system available – the MATRIX™ data logger. Able to accommodate multiple telemetry systems, the MATRIX logger can be used with all Mount Sopris probes, past and present, as well as many 3rd party tools. This versatility, combined with its compact size and dependable performance, has made MATRIX the most popular logger in the industry.


MATRIX Logging Console

The MATRIX Logger acquisition system is based on modern electronics design in which software control techniques have been used to the best advantage. The hardware incorporates the latest electronic components with embedded systems controlled via the specially developed LoggerSuite Windows interface program.

The software takes advantage of the latest Microsoft Windows operating systems, including Windows 8, (64-bit systems). These multi-tasking software platforms can accommodate all the tasks necessary for maximum data security and ease of operation.

MATRIX Logger in use on MX Series Winch

Many new features have been added to the LoggerSuite software and hardware, including:

The basic system design criteria are as follows:


MATRIX – Side View

Connections on the side of the MATRIX logger, along with the versatile software allow users to connect to customer winches (made by Mount Sopris or others), data acquisition computer via USB, and AC power. Also, there is a mud plug connector. The 18-pin connector (lower-left in above picture) carries depth and signal information and can handle up to four wirelines, armor, and 2 of 4 wire depth encoders.

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