Colorado Water Well Contractors Association

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Colorado Water Well Contractors Association
Colorado Water Well Contractor Drilling Association

The annual Colorado Water Well Contractors Association (CWWCA) meeting will be held this January 9-11th, 2019 at the Denver Marriott Tech Center. Mount Sopris Instruments will be exhibiting at Booth 10 .

The CWWCA is a non profit organization established in 1931 to:

Assist, promote, encourage, and support the interests and welfare of the Water Well Industry in all its phases generally, and in particular within Colorado;
To foster, aid and promote scientific education, standards, research and techniques in order to improve methods of well construction and development, and to advance the science of ground water hydrology;

To promote harmony and cooperation between well contractors and governmental and scientific agencies relative to the proper development and protection of underground water supplies;
To encourage cooperation of all interested groups relative to the improvement of drilling and pumping equipment; to encourage, serve, assist and promote close cooperation with the National Ground Water Association;

To collect, analyze and disseminate to the public, facts about the role of the water well industry in the economy of Colorado and the nation; and to advance generally the mutual interests of all these engaged in the water well industry, in their own and the public interest.

Mount Sopris is exhibiting to support and educate our local and state water well driller community about how geophysical logging can be used to design and construct a better water well. We can also use data collected in geophysical logs to determine aquifer properties such a flow rates, hydraulic conductivity, permeability, porosity, transmissivity, TDS, fracture orientation and density and many others.

The most commonly used logs for water wells are short and long normal resistivity, natural gamma ray, SP (spontaneous potential), caliper, and fluid conductivity and temperature. Used together, the contractor can quickly and easily identify the aquifer location and quality while in the field.

In addition to the exhibition, the Meeting Program is full of useful discussions about pumps, permitting, licensing, and local geology. There will be no better place to stay up to date with what is happening in the Colorado Water Well community.

Please stop by our booth at the CWWCA annual meeting here in Denver next week. Or, for more questions, Contact Us by email or phone.

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