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Budgetary Sales Quote

Interested in a budgetary quote? To get the process started, please complete the form below and then click “submit”. Based on the information you provide, we will email you a budgetary quote within one (1) business day. When you are ready to order, one of our geoscientists will contact you by phone or email to review your application and requirements in detail – ensuring that you get exactly what you need!


Budgetary Sales Quote Form


Budgetary Sales Quote v3
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(Specify inches or centimeters)
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What downhole measurements do you require?
(For more information on these measurements, please see the Downhole Probes page on our website.
Check all that apply or see below for basic packages.)

NOTE: If you checked the DENSITY or NEUTRON tools, you must have a radioactive source license to operate.

Basic Packages

If you do not know the specific measurements you want, select one of our basic packages for your application. The quote estimate will include the cable, winch, data acquisition box, probes, acquisition software, and WellCAD composite well log software - all the basic components of a borehole logging system aside from optional accessories. Minimum specifications for a laptop are Windows 7, 256 MB hard drive, and 8 GB RAM. When you select a package below, the specific measurements will be shown.

Basic Mineral Exploration - 1000 meters

Basic Groundwater - 500 meters

Shallow Oil & Gas Production - 1800 to 2500 meters

Gamma + Casing Collar Locator
3-Receiver Full Waveform Sonic (Bond Logging)
Fluid Temperature and Conductivity

Portable, Geotech / Engineering - 480 meters

New! Nano-Gamma tool, 19mm (0.75”) diameter

Push-Tube Soil Horizon Portable Geophysical - 200 meters

Natural Gamma - lithology delineation
Full Waveform Sonic - engineering properties (if density is known)

Semi-portable, Hard Rock Fracture Characterization and Borehole Wall Imagery - 1000 meters

Optical Televiewer - true color image of borehole wall
Acoustic Televiewer - travel-time & amplitude of borehole wall reflection
Temperature / Fluid Conductivity - determining hydraulically important fractures
Caliper - correct televiewer fracture structure detail

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