Replacement Parts for Logging Equipment

Optimize your equipment performance and uptime with genuine borehole logging replacement parts from Mount Sopris. We stock key components for the logging equipment we manufacture, as well as the tools you will need to perform regular maintenance. We strive to always keep these items in stock for quick delivery, but there may be times when we cannot accommodate quick turnaround times.

Whether you need spare rehead kits for the field or repair parts for the shop, visit our Online Store below or Contact Us for assistance in specifying the right parts for your equipment.

Basic Borehole Logging Tool Kit

SKU 5TKA-1000
In stock
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We know that anything can happen while logging in the field and the last thing you need after driving 3 hours to a job site is to be without an essential tool.

The Mount Sopris Logger's Toolbox is great for operators who want to be prepared and ready to complete a job on time.

This tool kit includes a true RMS multi-meter, cablehead grease gun and grease, cablehead reheading tools, hand tools specific for logging operations, soldering iron, and recommended accessories.

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