Borehole Logging Rental made Easy- Preconfigured Computers

Do you struggle installing rental software and getting it configured for each new logging project?Borehole Well Logging Computer Rental

Do you need internal IT department involvement on any changes to the computer?


Is time on the phone with technical support eating your day?


You and your field personnel have plenty of things to pay attention to, configuring a computer shouldn’t be one of them.


We have a solution – a fully configured computer with borehole logging software ready to go with your rental!


Benefits of a Computer Rental from Mount Sopris include:

  • Log Acquisition software pre-installed
    • No waiting for IT departments to provide administrator access to install software and configure firewalls to let it run. We have everything installed and operational
    • Nothing to download and install
    • No hassles with installation CD’s on a machine that doesn’t have a CD drive
    • Logging system software is configured to our recommended settings.
  • Tool configuration files installed
    • We install up to date configuration files needed for your specific rented equipment.
  • Tested with the system
    • The tools are operated with the configuration files and system you will be using.
  • Optionally, the latest version of WellCAD post processing software is pre-installed and tested.
  • The laptop is shipped in a heavy duty Pelican case for maximum protection.
  • Support
    • We know the computer and how it is configured and can easily resolve issues over the phone. Although we can also do this with your computer it can be difficult to resolve configuration problems that are related to your computers operating system. If you have an IT department they may need to be involved in the solution.

Contact Us Today! When ordering your rental system with borehole logging software be sure to request that a field computer be included! 

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