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Borehole Geophysical Equipment for Environmental

Mount Sopris slimline probes and easy-to-use portable geophysical logging systems are ideally suited for shallow, near surface environmental applications, and were very popular in the 1990’s when the US EPA implemented facets of the Clean Water Act and CERCLA. Today our environmental geophysical logging systems are used for a variety of new environmental challenges, including the following:

Contaminant Hydrogeology and Hydrostratigraphic Lithology Delineation
40GRP-1000 combination Gamma, SP, SPR, 16-64-inch normal resistivity tool
40LGR-1000 combination Gamma-SP-SPR
QL40-ELOG, stackable combination Gamma, SP, SPR, 8-16-32-64-inch normal resistivity Plus SP & SPR
QL40-DLL3, dual laterolog for quantitative thin-bed analysis
QL40-NEU, Neutron-thermal-neutron, epithermal neutron
QL40-IND, EM induction for lithology in dry holes and/or non-conductive casing
QL40-FTC-B, Fluid temperature and conductivity
QL40-OCEAN, Profiling Temperature, Pressure, Fluid Electrical Conductivity, pH, ReDox. Calculate salinity.
QL40-BMR, Borehole Magnetic Resonance for hydrogeologic properties (porosity, specific yield, hydraulic conductivity)

Ground Water and Vadose Zone Characterization
QL40-NEU, Neutron-thermal-neutron, epithermal neutron
QL40-GR, Natural Gamma
40LGR-1000 combination Gamma-SP-SPR with gamma-gamma density attachment
QL40-IND, EM induction for lithology in dry holes or non-conductive casing
QL40-BMR, Borehole Magnetic Resonance for porosity, specific yield, hydraulic conductivity

Map and Characterize Subsurface Infrastructure
QL40-GR, Natural gamma
QL40-FWS, Sonic porosity (Whylie time-average equation, Raymer-Hunt equation)
QL40-DEN, Density porosity calculated from in-situ compensated density
QL40-ABI-2G, High resolution borehole wall imagery

Subsurface Migration of Hazardous Wastes
QL40-NEU, neutron-thermal-neutron
QL40-IND, EM induction for lithology is dry or non-conductive casing
QL40-OBI, Optical televiewer for fracture imagery in clear water or air-filled holes.
HFP-2293, Heat Pulse Flow Meter to characterize hydraulically important fractures.
QL40-BMR, Borehole Magnetic Resonance for porosity, specific yield, hydraulic conductivity

Groundwater contamination and related environmental issues have captured our nation and the world by surprise. Mount Sopris has focused on manufacturing downhole probes to address this concern. Our customers have presented numerous papers over the years at various conferences and symposia featuring the use of borehole geophysical logging instrumentation for environmental applications. To learn more, please see our Library Page or Contact Us to discuss your specific application.

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