2018 Looking Back in Review

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2018 Looking Back in Review
Happy New Year 2019 Thank you Clients

2018 was a year of new faces and exciting new developments at Mount Sopris and ALT.  Please allow us to share some of these highlights with you!


Stronger than forecasted revenue in 2018 has stimulated more growth and opportunity.  Our strong international network of outstanding representatives, re-sellers, and distributors deserve recognition.  Leading Reps in 2018 include Laurel Geophysical (China), Terraplus (Canada), C & H Incorporated (Korea), DRM Latam (Argentina) and Geosensor Wireline (Australia).  Great work!  Assisting our amazing and diverse international sales & marketing team, we brought new talent into our logistics and production areas in 2018.  These great additions have streamlined operational efficiencies, enhanced customer experiences, and fully embrace our spirit of service commitment.

New Products

New for 2019 is our fully equipped Ford E-350 4WD Ford Geophysical Logging Van, capable of comfortable, high-end geophysical logging demonstrations and BMR (Borehole Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) rentals.  Outfitted with ALT’s flexible OPAL Logger and MSI’s strong WFA series winch you will impress your on-site clients with this state-of-the art geophysical logging system.  MSI and our friends at Qteq-Australia have brought BMR expertise on staff in Denver to serve your needs.  We will help you process BMR data in WellCAD’s NMR Workspace Module to determine in-situ total porosity, fluid volumes, permeability, and dry matrix density.  A new Ground Water Module for WellCAD will be available in 2019; contact us for details!

NMR Nebraska Permeable Zones

Continuing development of the QL40-nGEN (Neutron Generator) and the QL40-SIP (Spectral Induced Polarization) downhole logging tools generated more interest 2018 leading to robust field validation and proof-of-principle logging events in early 2019.  This data and more information about the progress of these important new products will be presented throughout 2019 at conferences and symposia worldwide.  We also expect to share data from ALT’s new QL40-OBI-UV tool.  This exciting new high-resolution optical televiewer provides outstanding imagery of borehole wall features and attributes that fluoresce when exposed to UV lamps on the tool, in addition to the broadband lamp imagery you have become accustomed to.  That’s right; the new OBI-UV tool has two sets of lamps!  Contact us today about upgrading your OBI-2G tool and/or renting/purchasing the new OBI-UV tool.

UV Borehole Logging Example Optical Televiewer
UV light example log from the QL40-OBI-UV

Other product news in 2018 include a redesign of the “Nano” Gamma tool, our model 19GR (only 19mm/0.75-inch diameter), and the 32GR digital gamma tools designed for numerous applications from soil-profiling through geo push tubes and non-destructive testing of highway construction piles, to in-situ U308 weight-equivalent logging.  We have improved the BHFS (Borehole Fluid Sampler) design and integrated with the versatile SCOUT Logger.

Rental Equipment

Mount Sopris has exceptional rental relationships with multi-disciplinary customers from several market segments worldwide, including university research, government projects, ground water, environmental, mining exploration & production, and numerous other segments.  In addition to BMR rentals in 2019, the new OBI-UV is available, along with newer winches, QL tools and SCOUT Loggers.

We appreciate your business and confidence in our ability to serve your needs. On behalf of the entire Mount Sopris team, please accept our best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2019!

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